To Bee or not to Bee…

Frankly I have very little to my credit so I can hardly assert my views in this regard. But a recent stint in a self proclaimed ‘successful company’ might probably just be excuse enough! 🙂


In not so fond memory of the Real World:

Once upon a reality, there was a wise man called ‘Aaj Ka Praful Gaonwala‘ who dreamed about starting his own farm – iReal_Bot (you may spell it like ideal, but don’t go by its meaning). But this farm of his was ineffective in the absence of a beautiful shiny belle or the bell you find on moo’s.

Voice Over: Both are extremely important factors for cattle farming and running of a company. Are you confused, yet? No? Read on.

This belle was no ordinary bell, it rings a bell in the minds of all those who left the farm or the firm (again, your call) on account of undue abuse during milking. Anyway, her name was The Wrath of the Jeloos Mandrake.

So while she milked the firm cows of the firm, it dawned upon the gaonwala that he didn’t have a milkman who’d sell his milk. Now now, don’t we know that without reach, there’s no sales. So along came Dolly aka the Peacock Daemn-Ray.

The company grew from strength to strength. Praful Gaonwala decided that the right thing to do would be to go 3D. So he summoned all the birds on his farm and launched the first ever 3D BadAss Birdie Idol. Have you ever wondered how Angry Birds came into existence? Connect the dots.

Meanwhile the farmlings continued to milk away. But then came a time when the cows realized that one can’t moo without boo-ze. Damn it! The teachers did always insist on eating hay while the sun shines, didn’t they? :S Anyway, so they began a riot demanding for their right to hay when all their pleas fell on deaf ears. One wondered whether the mighty Gaonwala had enough hay himself. Little did the coy cows know that he had plenty to last him a lifetime. Gaonwala didn’t believe in rewarding his cows for all their hard work. How else would they come to value ‘hard work’ and ‘professional discipline’. Tch tch.

And so the Praful Gaonwala went onto stack piles and piles of hay which he sold in return for bottles of chic Eau de Parfum.  We hear a par-fume factory was next on his list of ambitious agendas.

Legends whisper about the mighty reach of the scent on his vest. He purchased costly french parfums and ate fancy gourmets. Little did he know what was to come… FATS! But why worry when there’s Chowpaati. A beach often frequented by sins and sons. So the Praful Gaonwala not only built his business, he built his physique too by running down the beach each morning in his shorty shorts. So *Charmed* was the belle of a Mandrake that she swore herself to a spinster life and devoted herself to the service of the Praful man for ever and forever.

As for the farmlings, they still live in hope of hay. Here we slip in a small prayer for those farmlings who are still subjected to the nauseating parfums and poisonous wraths of the deadly trio.


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