To Bee or not to Bee…

The truth about pouting

Have you ever stopped to look a little closer at that certain picture you find on your Facebook page and what intrigues you about it is not the people in it but the painful pouts they don. What the Bieber!!

Now let’s go a little back in time… a time when woman pouted to make babies, babies pouted in search of bottle plugs and men pouted when their candyfloss businesses were down in the dumps. A time as ancient as 6 BC when asexual reproduction was in vogue. It was then replaced by belly dancing and then shimmy and today it is all about mushrooms and cocaine.

Men hardly ever do pout and if by chance you come across one that does, he was a trout fish in his past life. Pouting is a woman’s thing, you know. When a woman wants to show that she is capable of shedding all her inhibitions, she pouts. When a woman wants to show she is man’s best gift to life, she pouts. When a woman wants to duck out of a speeding ticket on the wayward X-pressway, she pouts, my dear. She pouts!

If a woman fails to pout in the current day scenario, she is being plain childish. Period.


…goes to Angelina Jolie for braving a BEE stung pout and half a dozen kids.




  • For Starters, scroll down and take a good look at Aaditya Thackeray with an extra A.  He is one of those rare phenomenons that begin and close at a pout. So repeat after me A for AAditya B for Balls… P for Pout! That’s right.
  • Now, go station yourself in front of a mirror. Open your lips to form an inch wide ‘O’. Freeze.
  • Pull out a trusted brand of baby powder and puff it all over your lips. It’s all about pampering yourself and that includes your lips!
  • Now dive into your make-up kit to fetch your favorite shade of pink lippy to color your lips. Be careful not to color outside of your lips, no one fancies a shabby pout.
  • Now without moving a muscle venture out into the big BAD world and show off your shiny new POUT.

P.S. Just FYI Bees don’t Pout!




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