To Bee or not to Bee…

The Untamed

What is literature, today? Witnessing the current state of affairs I’d say – A vehicle for political upsurge. Gone are the days one would mull over profound insights offered by writers, poets, artists alike. Violence, enforced idealisms, differentiation and control. This is what law and order is all about or one may conclude so from Shiv Sena’s deeds.

dc5324261-large copyWe live in a world swarmed by political bodies that compartmentalize people into different slots of existence. And all this implicated in the name of sectional administration. The very same leaders raid our streets to condemn the ones that dare to offend them and ban books that dare to belittle them. The one thing they seem to have nailed right is organizing riots at the drop of a hat.

With this act of banning and burning Rohinton Mistry’s Such a Long Journey, the young Thackeray seeks to carry forward the political legacy bestowed upon him by his chauvinist forefathers. But his attempt at the same is comparing a restricted knowledge (if I may) to defy the nuances of literature that has been read, shared and cherished. Having read it myself in college, I remember the overpowering vigor in his words, the not-so delicate intricacies of a politically charged world and the gratifying end to the journey I partook through its pages. A question of defending Mistry’s book hardly arises.

But here we have a young leader promising us a future as bright as a coal mine. This, Aditya Thakeray, is your route to success?

Latest in the grapevine is that our dear Aditya was refused the opportunity of meeting the honorable President of USA. The very next quotation doing the rounds of newspapers et al, ‘I never applied to meet Obama’. The poor fellow was busy helping around the household and tending to Diwali guests. Tch Tch.

So here’s wishing him a long long journey after all. As for the rest of us, the ones who express as well as those who absorb, this is our lesson learnt in time – Write not to please yourself or your senses, write to please our so called leaders. Write to fit into their bracket of righteousness. And for those who haven’t sensed the sarcasm yet, the Slap Squad takes this opportunity to bestow its enlightening slap upon Aditya’s pink cheeks in hope that he mends his naïve ways.

P.S. Part 1: This is the same squad that slapped Arundhati Roy and won a free stay in Jammu and Kashmir.

P.S. Part 2: The bee would like to thank Rukmini Roy (who refuses to be associated with Arundhati Roy) for her gracious inputs.

P.S. Part 3: I’m extremely apologetic about my clumsy Photoshop skills.


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