To Bee or not to Bee…

Planet Stupid

Are you Quantifying Dumbness? You must be from Planet Stupid!

So yesterday J spoke things of great magnitude. We ‘aah’ed and ‘oooh’ed, put J on a pedestal, held him/her (gender censored) in good regards for a magnanimous personality.

But then he/she goes and spoils it all by saying something stupid like, ‘You’re so Dumb.’ So there you go, J stands for Judgmental.

Rukmini and I were talking about how diabolical can levering intelligence get and here’s what she has to share.

In my wee life, I’ve had the opportunity of meeting a lot of people who call everyone dumb. I’ve heard a lot of people say, that girl is super dumb, the guy is delusional, that guy is dumb and so on. Now if you see clearly, how you categorize a person is a clear extension of who you are. If you are an extrovert, you might find introvert to be lame. The introvert might find you obnoxious. If you listen to Pink Floyd, you might find Himesh to be ultra-disgusting and Himesh fans may find you – What the f***. It’s all about who you are rather than who you are criticizing. If only you were exactly like the girl you were criticized, you would be bathing naked with her in a tub talking about your miseries in pink tea cups. No?

Intelligent are those who do not brand people dumb and section themselves to a bunch of other similitudes. Intelligent are those who understand the differences in people and respect individuality”

Lately have you come across anyone declaring people as dumb? You can comfortably assume that the declarer believes the self to be smart. Such people classify to be a patronizing lot who are quick enough to jump to conclusions and worse enough, voice them. Where do these people come from? Are they for real?

They hail from another world called Planet STUPID, a name decided upon as an attempt on sarcasm.

planet stupid 1On Planet Stupid, every person is born with hair colour that cannot be distinguished as Blonde. Also people from this planet are not allowed to marry Blondes so as to ensure that the planet remains TRUE BLOOD. The genepool must shine bright like a diamond.

To earn a living here, people manufacture tube lights and sell it to people they declare as dumb. These Non-Blonde haired creatures live in little homes fixed with tube-lights that flicker for a good 5 minutes before blooming. Ardent knowledge imparters on Planet Stupid teach the young ones, ‘TUUUBEELIGHHHHTT ISSS EQUUAAL TO STOOOOOOOPID’. Metaphors are used as key fundamentals to teach basic principles.

More Planet Stupid Facts:

  • On this very intelligent planet, every time someone says something very dumb, a bell goes off. It’s called the dumbbell. Yeah, they also use it to exercise – building more muscles to store more smart cells.
  • Ever wondered  here those I’m with Stupid Tshirts originated from? Planet STOOPIDDD! They are business moghuls, I tell ya.
  • UFOs from Planet Stupid are called EIFO – Extremely Intelligent Flying Object. (“It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s EIFO!”)
  • People here are also described to be very bright, you know the kind of brightness they used to describe Edward Cullen? No, he wasn’t born with it, it was Maybelline.
  • People are arrested for being proclaimed as Dumb and also for posting stupid posts and comments on Social Media. Yes, they were inspired by Kapil Sibal and hence send out all their tweets from Akash Tablet in his honour. Click here to buy now.

So here’s a big fish slap to Planet Stupid natives bestowed upon by the Slap Quad, the same squad that slapped Chetan Bhagat for publicizing the three mistakes of his life. planet stupid cat
Signing off with a dumb song by Weird Al. his life. Booooo!


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