To Bee or not to Bee…


  • ·         Walked the ramp with the CEO of my company & almost toppled off!
  • ·         Went backpacking across Europe with my awesome grandmother
  • ·         Walked through the Old English streets of Oxford
  • ·         Knocked upon Shakespeare’s door
  • ·         Randomly stripped on an English beach just to flaunt a bikini me (much to the horror of my granny)
  • ·         Sung my favourite song before a big crowd, band et al
  • ·         Climbed down a raging waterfall, thrice!
  • ·         Got drunk and vandalized an empty mall
  • ·         Exploited karaoke bars across the city till they got bored of me and Dido
  • ·         Went on a nocturnal trek and slept like a hippie in ancient caves
  • ·         Ran the Dream Run 5 days after my first OT experience
  • ·         Ran the Monsoon marathon and bumped into cows while at it!


  • ·         Sported a different eye colour
  • ·         Finally played paint ball and discovered I sucked at it. I still love paint ball!
  • ·         Learnt belly dancing 
  • ·         Pulled off a head stand and lived to tell the tale
  • ·         Baked a cake and dunked it in a rainbow
  • ·         Attempted learning the Hula Hoop as a birthday gift to myself but it just wouldn’t stay 😛
  • ·         Played board games with a bunch of strangers at Carters
  • ·         Experienced my first concert – Avicii @Sunburn Arena
  • ·         Cycled through the streets of South Bombay all night long
  • ·         Randomly took off to Chennai
  • ·         Randomly took off to Agra
  • ·         Randomly took off to Dubai
  • ·         Caught a falling star

Comments on: "25 Awesome things I did in 2013!" (7)

  1. seems like the 2013 was act one hell of an experience for ya!! 🙂

  2. Ur 2013 seemed too rocking…jaa baccha mera aashirwad hai… ur 2014 and coming years will be super rocking & awesome 🙂

  3. U go girl.. M sure 2014 gona be as kickass as 2013 was.. lets plan our lil adventurous trek trip to Himachal now 😉

  4. Simone Pious said:

    Wow, Rem! Didn’t know you were a writer…:) Good going…keep up a good work…u have a fan!

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