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25 Awesome things I did in 2013!


  • ·         Walked the ramp with the CEO of my company & almost toppled off!
  • ·         Went backpacking across Europe with my awesome grandmother
  • ·         Walked through the Old English streets of Oxford
  • ·         Knocked upon Shakespeare’s door
  • ·         Randomly stripped on an English beach just to flaunt a bikini me (much to the horror of my granny)
  • ·         Sung my favourite song before a big crowd, band et al
  • ·         Climbed down a raging waterfall, thrice!
  • ·         Got drunk and vandalized an empty mall
  • ·         Exploited karaoke bars across the city till they got bored of me and Dido
  • ·         Went on a nocturnal trek and slept like a hippie in ancient caves
  • ·         Ran the Dream Run 5 days after my first OT experience
  • ·         Ran the Monsoon marathon and bumped into cows while at it!


  • ·         Sported a different eye colour
  • ·         Finally played paint ball and discovered I sucked at it. I still love paint ball!
  • ·         Learnt belly dancing 
  • ·         Pulled off a head stand and lived to tell the tale
  • ·         Baked a cake and dunked it in a rainbow
  • ·         Attempted learning the Hula Hoop as a birthday gift to myself but it just wouldn’t stay 😛
  • ·         Played board games with a bunch of strangers at Carters
  • ·         Experienced my first concert – Avicii @Sunburn Arena
  • ·         Cycled through the streets of South Bombay all night long
  • ·         Randomly took off to Chennai
  • ·         Randomly took off to Agra
  • ·         Randomly took off to Dubai
  • ·         Caught a falling star




Special credits to my partner in crime Sonia and the inspiration for the post – Word Porn!


A crazy idea inside of my head
A blurred dream that lightens up the dark of my mind

A song that soothes my soul
An embrace that holds me to the end of the world

A hope that I pine on like dear life
A surreal reality braved by my faith

A savior who saves me from my inconsolable self
A word that fills my void with meaning

A kiss that breathes life into me
A fire that sets me ablaze in its sweet glory

A force that braces my imperfections
A voice that breaks the walls of cynicism

A wish that’s lost in the night sky
A tragic hope that finds me waiting by the gates of my reality

A pulse that races through my veins
A dagger that pierces my very being

A beautiful piece of my imagination

Planet Stupid

Are you Quantifying Dumbness? You must be from Planet Stupid!

So yesterday J spoke things of great magnitude. We ‘aah’ed and ‘oooh’ed, put J on a pedestal, held him/her (gender censored) in good regards for a magnanimous personality.

But then he/she goes and spoils it all by saying something stupid like, ‘You’re so Dumb.’ So there you go, J stands for Judgmental. (more…)

How not to run a company

Frankly I have very little to my credit so I can hardly assert my views in this regard. But a recent stint in a self proclaimed ‘successful company’ might probably just be excuse enough! 🙂


The truth about pouting

Have you ever stopped to look a little closer at that certain picture you find on your Facebook page and what intrigues you about it is not the people in it but the painful pouts they don. What the Bieber!!


The Untamed

What is literature, today? Witnessing the current state of affairs I’d say – A vehicle for political upsurge. Gone are the days one would mull over profound insights offered by writers, poets, artists alike. Violence, enforced idealisms, differentiation and control. This is what law and order is all about or one may conclude so from Shiv Sena’s deeds.