To Bee or not to Bee…

The Untamed

What is literature, today? Witnessing the current state of affairs I’d say – A vehicle for political upsurge. Gone are the days one would mull over profound insights offered by writers, poets, artists alike. Violence, enforced idealisms, differentiation and control. This is what law and order is all about or one may conclude so from Shiv Sena’s deeds.

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1. Hate your social image? Do you go the extra mile to hide yourself in public? Facebook is the ideal platform to build a new you, a someone you’ve always desired to be irrespective of whether that someone is a popular hunk, a queen-bee type, a miss ‘goody-two-shoes’, a wall flower, an enigma, a breathless rapper or even a social retard for that matter. Facebook lets you emulate it all! And oh, don’t ask what it does for your self esteem. Read the rest of this entry »